Pneumatische koppelbegrenzer GDPG••

CODE: 02.62.••.01

  • Torque limiting coupling with front toothing, axial sliding, flexible coupling and electric signal.
  • For dry applications.
  • The working torque is adjusted by varying the pressure.
  • A microswitch trips whenever there is an overload.
  • Useful for connecting two not perfectly aligned shafts; the axial, radial and angular flexibility angles direction are specified according to the quantity..
  • Static moments (MS) from 78 to 1300 Nm.


1. Central hub 2. Cylinder 3. Piston 4. Toothed ring 5. Transmission sleeve 6. Spring clamp 7. Seal ring 8. Piston bearing 9. Sleeve bearing 10. Hub bearing 11. Spring 12. Microswitch 13. Flexible coupling

8 SIZES (see tables)

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