Koppelbegrenzer GS•••

CODE: 02.02.•••.01

  • Multidisc torque limiting coupling.
  • For oil bath applications; dry versions with special discs are available on request.
  • Useful for connecting between two well-aligned shafts, one mounted inside the housing (1) and the other splined to the milled hub (9).
  • The calibration is adjusted by a ring nut (2), which controls a series of springs (3) that compress the discs.
  • Static moments (MS) from 2 to 600 Nm

1. Housing 2. Adjusting ring nut 3. Thrust ring 4. Helical spring 5. Ring lock screw 6. Internal disc 7. External disc 8. Retaining ring 9. Milled hub (on request)

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