Koppelbegrenzer GDFM•••

CODE: 02.46.•••.01

  • Torque limiting coupling with front toothing and axial sliding.
  • For dry and oil bath applications, useful for connecting a shaft splined to the hub (1) and a pulley or crown wheel fastened to the toothed body (2).
  • The calibration is adjusted by the ring nut (6), which varies the load of the springs (4) controlling the toothed housing (3).
  • The toothed housing (3) has a groove for fitting the microswitch attachment (9).
  • Static moments (MS) from 5 to 2400 Nm


1. Hub 2. Toothed body 3. Toothed housing 4. Helical spring 5. Spring clamp 6. Adjusting ring nut 7. Lock screw 8. Bearing 9. Microswitch (on request)

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